Phumzile Phago




Reverend Phumzile Phago is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. She has a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) from Nazarene Theological College (NTC). She is currently completing her Masters in Arts at Manchester University.

Before founding 3C Naz church in 2012, she served as Assistant Pastor at churches in Zebediela (Limpopo), Soweto and Pretoria  since 2003.

Pastor Phum has been married to Joe since 22 February 2003. They are blessed with three sons Kgaugelo, Katlego and Khutso. She lives in Centurion, Pretoria. She loves music and has recorded a few albums. She is passionate about mentoring young people, women, couples, evangelism and furthering the Kingdom of God on earth. She is a sought after international speaker who has preached or taught in the United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, Lesotho, Eswatini amongst other countries. She has co-authored a few books with her husband Joe.

Pastor Phumzile Phago is the founding Pastor of Centurion Community Church of the Nazarene (

Her Sunday sermons are available online as audio Podcasts (check below),  YouTube and Facebook videos ( check below), MP3, CD or DVD.

Pastor Phumzile Phago has recorded 2 live worship music albums on CD's and DVD's at the Yamaha Theatre and at Centurion Theatre!

You may own them for life by buying individual CDs (R60 Vol 1 & R90 Vol 2 each) or DVD (R100 Vol 1 & R150 Vol 2 each)

Pastor Phumzile Phago is a sought after speaker who has preached at churches, revivals, outreaches, tent evangelism, Pastor's conferences, Leadership Conferences, Youth Meetings, Couples Meetings and women gatherings.

Her sermons are available online as audio Podcasts (check below), YouTube and Facebook videos ( check below), MP3, CD or DVD.